Waterproof Tablecloth

Save 89%
Material: 40% Cotton + 60% Linen tablecloth
Size: 50*70 inch, 55*84 inch, 55*104 inch, 55*120 inch
Color: Blue,Grey,Chocolate Brown

1.This tablecloth is made from pure color cotton and linen material, it adds a environmental protection glue,wax coating,let the cloth smooth and drape feeling good.
With waterproof mildew-proof function,the water bead can be quickly wiped clean with a sponge or napkin
2.It can help prevent skin allergies,the surface is feeling comfortable and natural
3.Anti-static property,not easy pilling,soft and comfortable,conduction of heat is good
4.Cotton and linen are natural products,be good for health and environmental protection

Dimensional measurement: product size should be measured on the basis of flat size
Error Rate:The tablecloth has a strech of flexibility,and it is measured by hand,there will be a little error,1-2 inches(1-3 cm) it is a normal range
About Fade:First time wash it maybe appear floating color phenomenon,this is a normal phenomenon,not the quality problem. If it is badly discolored or still appear floating color after washing many time, this is a fade phenomenon, please contact us. we will send a new one to exchange.

1. Should not be washed frequently,washing overmuch will reduce the coating of the waterproof effect. Washing time should not be too long
2.The deep color's floating color phenomenon is more obvious than light color.
3.Ordinary temperature water washing,soft washing,soak should not be too long,do not strength scrub and wring it out 
4.Avoid prolonged exposure in sunlight
5.Mild temperature reverse ironing
6.This tablecloth can not anti-oil
7.Due to the transport reason,and the tablecloth is sealed,it may be has a slight odor when you open it.After ventilating, the odor will be disappeared