Traction Grips

Save 38%

No more backbreaking shoveling. No expensive tows. Traction Grips gives your tires instant traction by gripping snow and ice below and providing "no-slip tracks" for your tires above. Simply wedge the Traction Grips between your tire and the slippery surface and drive off.

  • Made of durable plastic construction.
  • Help your car to get out of boggy mud, sand, ice, snow.
  • The surface texture design increases friction and good anti-skid performance.
  • You can even use our Traction Grips upside down as a shovel to remove excess material from around your tires.

Product Color: Black
Product Size: 32.5 x 15 x 2.5
size are measured in cm
Material: ABS
Net weight: about 385g  
Suitable for models: universal