Sphera - Spherical Photography Lens

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Add another dimension to your photography with the Sphera lens. The ultra-clear sphere reflects the view around you but flipped 180°. Because it captures all of your surroundings, you can actually focus on the Lensball and produce a beautifully creative composition. Spehra is totally waterproof. In fact, adding water only adds to the effect. Sphera comes in three sizes: 2.4" (6 cm), 3.2" (8 cm) and 4" (10 cm). Sphera works with all cameras as well as smartphones. 

  • This crystal ball, specifically crafted for photography, makes for the perfect shot!
  • Made from ultra-clear K9 glass crystal.
  • Three sizes: 2.4", 3.2", 4".
  • Weight: 9.5/ 24.3/ 42.3 oz.