Smooth Q Gimbal stabilizer

Save 28%
Smooth Q is a compact professional smart gimbal for phones. It is designed with a new operating system to ensure it easy to perform accurate and quick in different positions between different operation modes, so that you are free from 
controlling it. Smooth Q is also a great product which can bring you creativity with functional buttons on photography and film such as Photo/Record, Zoom in/out and get rear camera/Selfie mode transferred; creativity also comes from expendable updated APP (APP-ZY PLAY), with which you can make auto-tracking, time-lapse and filter changing be possible. A maximum payload of 200g supports you to attach diversity lens with different focal length, kinds of fill light and many other photo/film cool gears anytime anywhere. Besides, it features colorful make-up with jet black, gold, rose gold and space grey options. Working 
duration is as long as 8 hours and available for you to have a real-time Mobile Charging. It is really valuable at its price.
1. More accurate and quick response to your operation:  Smooth Q is designed with a better working system to ensure the response rate 30%-40% faster compared with competitors stabilizers and free switch between standard and vertical shooting position.
2. Easier to use with no counterweight and a lighter gimbal body weight compared with other competitive brand’s 
there is an extendable axis for you to balance the device by only one step. 50g less weight than OSMO mobile, you are available to use it more conveniently.
3. Functional on photography/film: Smooth Q has buttons to Photo/Record, Zoom in/out and get rear camera/Selfie 
mode transferred.
4. APP extended functions on photography/film: Updated APP-ZY PLAY covers auto-tracking, time-lapse and filter options at present, making more possibilities.
5. Expandability on gears: with a maximum payload of 200g, Smooth Q supports you to attach diversity lens with different focal length, kinds of fill light and many other photography accessories.
Attn.: Do not forget to fasten the screw after balancing the gimbal in case of damage on motor’s lifetime.
Dimensions:  118*105*285mm
Battery capacity:  1500mA
Controllable Range:  Pan: 360°/ Roll: ±30°/ Tilt: +185° -135°
Mechanical Range:  Pan: 360°/ Roll: 320°/ Tilt: 320°
Operating Time:  8-12 hours
Operating Temperature:  -10° to 45°C
Valid Payload:  75g-200g
Net Weight:  450 g (without batteries & Smartphone)