Portable Drums

Save 29%
  • Go Portable! - with built-in battery and speaker, roll it up and take it anywhere! Jam session, busking or even on the beach!

  • Smartphone Connectivity! - connect your iPhone, iPad, or any smartphone/tablet/PC to watch and play along with YouTube tutorials and drum tracks, or play along to your favourite tunes!

  • Full size drum kit! - 5 drums and 4 cymbals gives you a full kit with 7 different preconfigured drum sounds for rock, pop, funk, jazz, electronic.

  • Suitable for all ages - from beginners through to pro drummers, the pads have great feedback similar to real skins so great for practicing or jamming!

  • Recording and MIDI interface - record on the fly or connect to your PC by MIDI to record your tracks


  • Super portable and space saving drum kit with built in speaker, no power or speakers required and also support external headphone or loudspeaker!
  • 9 Drum Pads with Touch Sensitivity: Snare, 3 Toms, & Bass Drums, Hi-Hat, 2 Crash & Ride Cymbals
  • 7 Unique drum kit and cymbal sounds, switch sounds at the press of a button
  • Reproduces the complete drum kit sound while barely taking any space or making too much noise
  • Hand Percussion Enabled - Drop the Drumsticks & Use Your Hands
  • Built in stereo speakers plus audio output to connect to an amplifier or headphones to keep the neighbours happy
  • Drum-Along to your favourite songs by plugging in your phone/iPod/MP3 Player and using the built in drum speakers. Support MP3(audio) input, connect with your mobile as accompaniment
  • Practice with YouTube drum tutorials using the audio input connection to plug in your smartphone, PC or iPad
  • Pre-Loaded with 12 selectable Rhythms and demo Songs to practice with
  • Drum recording function to record and playback your beats at the press of a button
  • Micro USB port for power and also support midi out to record your drum tracks and edit on MAC/PC
  • Compatible with Cakewalk, Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo, etc. major sequencer software and VST/VSTi
  • Compatible with Win XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OSX
  • Includes 2 Digital Foot Pedals (hi-hat and bass/kick drum)
  • Volume and tempo adjustable
  • Power by USB 5V