Magnetic Goggles

Save 33%
Hate foggy goggles? Do your goggles slip off constantly? Well, then we have the goggle for you.
With our Skyline Ski/Snowboard Goggle, you will never have foggy goggle or a slippery goggle again.

Anti-Scratch Lens - Have your lenses last longer with our new anti scratch protected lens.
Long Lasting Anti-Fog Performance - Stay doing what you love longer without Anti-Slip Strap Function - Never have your goggle slip off you head or helmet again with our new and improved Anti-Slip technology.
Spherical wide-view lens - See More and look cooler doing it. With our spherical lens  you can not only look the best but have the upper advantage on others and see more.
Extra long strap - Adjustable strap with comfortable wearing experience and helmet compatibility.
High Cost Performance - PU frame with best impact-resistance and three-layer foam for comfortable wearing.
Real Full Mirror Tech - Comprehensive REVO coating on outer lens with edge to edge mirror reflection, different VLTs for various weather condition.
Wear Over Glasses (OTG) - Magnetic Goggles features a OTG (over glasses) design that lets you wear your glasses under the goggles.