Smart Skin Rejuvenating Mask

Save 42%


This LED skin care mask lamp is based on photodynamic therapy which aims to reduce fine lines, acne and large pores. Using it, you are no longer limited to chemical skin care product or doing physical skin care in salon.

Just wear it every day when you are watching TV, playing computer or sleeping at home and you will have facial skin improved within 4-8 weeks (many people takes only 1-3 weeks). Instead of wasting so much money on masque, why don't you choose a professional LED mask?

PDT SKIN CARE: Photodynamic therapy has been proved to be one of the safest skin care method and is widely used in beauty salon. Using this lamp, you are no longer limited to chemical skin care product.
HOME USE & DAILY USE: Wearing-type and designed for home use, it makes physical skin care no longer a complex thing in salon. You can wear it when you are watching TV, sleeping or playing computer.
7 COLORS: Red, green, blue, white, yellow, purple and cyan lights have different effect on skin. You can choose a most effective color to treat specific skin problem and change the color after feeling better.
EYES-PROTECTING: There is silica gel on the mask around the eyes part to insulate LED light. If you set the lamp in strong brightness, the silica gel will protect your eyes.
DIMMABLE & TIMING: 5-level brightness and 0-60 min timing (5min as a unit) can be adjusted.
OPERATE VIA CONTROLLER: Conveniently set or change modes by controller, no difficult operation.
SAVE MONEY:Most people see initial change within 4-8 weeks and many see within only 1-3 weeks. Instead of wasting so much money on masque, do yourself a favor and start right with a professional LED mask.

  • Red light - Collagen is an essential protein which can repair damaged tissue and replace old tissue. Red light helps to reduce fine lines and large pores by stimulating skin to produce collagen.
  • Blue light - Bacteria in acne carries Porphyrins. Blue light is able to reduce acne by reducing Porphyrins. Furthermore, blue light has stabilizing effect which avoids allergy.
  • Green light - Green is a balanced color. Green light can relieve skin fatigue and reduce pigment and fine lines.
  • Yellow light - Yellow light with 590nm wavelength improves oxygen exchange in cells to supply energy for skin. It decomposes pigment, promote lymphatic drainage, improve rough skin, treat skin redness, moss, etc and enhance immunity.
  • Purple light - Combine 2 phototherapy effects of red light and blue light. Particularly effect on reducing acne and repairing acne scar.
  • Cyan light - Enhance skin metabolism.
  • White light - Penetrate skin deeply, accelerate the metabolism of active tissue, decompose freckle and avoid fine lines.