Instant Hip Trainer

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The apparatus use EMS technology, that means it use bionic current to simulate brain signal to give muscle orders to do exercise, not like traditional vibrant apparatus, it is new technology to help burning fat, lose weight and keep health.

The apparatus helps to burn fat, lose weight, maintain health. It has a function of slimming massage, muscle recovery after exercise, good for muscle training assist. Great for hip, buttocks, thigh, waist. 

About the Trainer Kit:
You will receive 1 device, 1 big hip pad, 1 Remote controller, 1 USB charging cable. The device has rechargeable battery inside, and the remote controller need 1pcs CR2032 button battery, not included in package but easy to get from nearby store. The controller has 6 training modes to switch and 10 speed for each mode. The intensity will grow gradually when you use it and it work 15 minutes as a cycle.


  • Item Hip Trainer Controller
  • Material: PU(polyurethane) Leather
  • Sticker size: 26x18.8cm/10.2”x7.4”
  • Main Machine size: 4x6cm/1.6”x2.36”
  • Controller size: 10x4.5cm/3.9”x1.7”
  • Input Voltage: 0~220V
  • Working Current: 45mA
  • Training Time: 15 Minutes
  • Using Mode: 6 modes
  • Intensity: 10 classes
  • Controller Power Supply: 1x button battery
  • Main Machine power supply: USB charging (built-in lithium ion battery)
  • Color: Black
Package Includes

1x Controller
1x Remote Control
1x USB Cable