Ingrown Nail Correction Kit(12pcs set)

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The elastic patch is made from high quality elastic carbon fiber which has elasticity of 3N. It can be cut freely to meet various needs caused by different toenail sizes. Features physical stretching correction technique. After pasting on the surface of the toenail, the pulling force generated by the elastic patch will play a part in making toenails recover to normal form. The whole process is relaxing and painless. It's much more convenient and efficient than toenail correction device. It ensures healthy and stable growth of toenails safely and efficiently. Different sets are used to treat ingrown toenails of different extents. You can make choice according to your own circumstance. It's simple to operate, no need of nail extraction, say goodbye to ingrown toenails easily.
1. 3N elasticity, cutting freely.
2. Ultra-thin close-fitting.
3. Physically correcting.
4. Relaxing and painless.
5. Easy to operate.

Package Includes:
12 x Elastic Patches
1 x Bottle of Nail Glue (8g)
1 x Polish Bar
1 x User Manual