Elite Teeth Whitening Pen

Save 33%

The Elite Teeth Whitening Pen removes ALL unwanted stains and makes your teeth crystal white with absolutely ZERO discomfort! (it's even suitable for those with extremely sensitive sensitive teeth!)

How does this benefit me?

    • Just brush on a thin layer onto teeth whenever convenient
    • No need for trays or strips
    • Sleek & chic design fits in your pocket or purse, the pen easily goes wherever you go
      •  As long as you are using the pen as directed, you can always count on a white smile!
      • Get the confidence and pride that comes with the white teeth you’ve always wanted!
      • Handles stains from smoking, red wine, coffee and more!🍷🚬☕
        • In a 7-day clinical study involving 10 subjects, the whiteness of their smiles improved an average of 6 VITA shades after using the pen up to a total of 4 times per day.
        • 100% of participants reported whiter teeth after 7 days. Most have instant whitening results after their first use
        • SAVE MONEY
          • More than 15 Million Americans spend around $15 BILLION a year on expensive teeth whitening strategies
          • Be ahead of the curve and start saving money today! 💰