Duster Brush Portable Vacuum Cleaner

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Dust hides everywhere, window blinds, air-conditioner fans, drawers and cars. But traditional duster just move the dust around and vacuum cleaners are difficult and don't work well in small spaces.

Thanks to Duster Brush Vacuum Cleaner - the hand held automatic duster design to get the dust out of every corner where ordinary vacuum can't reach. This is the ultimate vacuum for small and narrow spaces. Duster Brush Vacuum Cleaner will get into the smallest nooks and glide through the tiniest crannies. Cleaning small objects is not a problem anymore. This little guys will suck away the dirt with ease. It has a very powerful suction and come with multi-flex tube-like elongated bristles that help dislodge dirt from surface while cleaning. You will be able to use this device without cords trailing behind you limiting you to where you take it.


  • Highly portable. Since Duster Brush Vacuum Cleaner is cordless, You can take it anywhere with you without a hassle.
  • Easy to Clean. Simply twist off the dust container and empty it into the rubbish bin. Just twist it back and you're ready to clean again.
  • Multi-flex tubes. Clean places where the usual vacuum cleaner would possibly fail.
  • Compact and lightweight. Unlike any other regular vacuum, this device will require less effort in carrying.