Bike Laser Tail Light

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More than 20 US states already have laws requiring drivers to give cyclists a margin of at least three feet when overtaking!

If you've ever wished you could have your own dedicated bike lane for the whole of your journey, a new lighting system has arrived! It enables you to project your own personal "bike lane" on to the road surface.
The idea is to make cyclists more visible at night and encourage motorists to give them a wide berth. 
Product Features:
1. With 5 superbright Red LED indicators and 2 light projection design, easy to be noticed at night.
2. LED indicators and light projection can operate simultaneously.
3. The "bike logo" can be projected behind the bike so as to warn the behind vehicles to keep safe distance.
4. With an adjustable clamp, easy to install and remove.
5. The LED indicators and light projection have 4 flashing modes.
6. Auto-off after parking about 5 minutes to reduce power consumption.
1. Long press the LED button for 2 seconds to turn on/off the 5 indicator lights; then press LED button once to switch lighting mode (4 modes).
2. Long press the LAS button for 2 seconds to turn on/off the 2 light projection; then press LAS button once to switch lighting mode (4 modes).
Product Parameter:
1. Technique: Durable & fine workmanship
2. Battery: 2 * AAA battery ( Not included)
3. Switch: 2 buttons ( On, Off and mode select)
4. Waterproof level: Daily life waterproof
5. Lighting color: Red
6. Casing color: Black & red
7. Net weight: about 69 g
8. Gross weight: about 85 g
9. Size of product: about 3.35 * 1.97 * 1.38 inches
10. Size of package: about 5.31 * 2.17 * 1.65 inches
11. Bicycle mounting fits: about tubes diameter of 0.79 - 1.42 inches
Packing list:
1 * Bike tail light
1 * Holder