Beauty Sponge


The Beauty Sponge is the only blending sponge applicator tool for powder, cream and liquid makeup you'll ever need. This makeup sponge provides a flawless, edge-less application to help you look your best every day.

Run sponge under warm water until saturated, ring out excess water. Sponge should be moist, not dripping. Add makeup of choice onto the sponge. Bounce (stipple) gently over your face. Use the pointed ends for hard to reach areas, such as around your nose, eyes, mouth. Use the broader, rounded or flat sides on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Rinse and cleanse sponge. Let sponge air dry in an open space. Replace every 2 - 3 months, depending on use.

Material: Sponge
Small Size: 32*46mm
Large Size: 40*60mm