BBQ Buddy


The Best TRULY PORTABLE powered blower for Wood & Charcoal fires.

Nearly everyone prefers the flavor of charcoal, but the time it takes for charcoal to reach cooking temperature can be a turnoff. Some have converted to propane gas grilling for speed alone. Others refuse to give up briquettes or lump charcoal, but use accelerants and/or a chimney to hasten the heat. The process still takes 15 to 30 minutes or more with these traditional methods. Now the days of trading taste to save time are over. No matter how you light your coals, BBQ Buddy cuts the time to cooking temperature easily by HALF the time you're used to — typically, just 8-12 minutes.

There's nothing quite like the sights, sounds and smell of a real wood fire. Now, a cozy fireside is just two minutes away. It's true: BBQ Buddy kindles wood to a robust blaze in two minutes or less and keeps it that way with a few well-placed bursts of life-giving air each time you add more fuel. You can blow on it or use ineffective squeeze bellows and there are plenty of fancy fireplace tool sets, costly accessories and special starters on the hearth and outdoors market. But if you simply want to enjoy your wood fires more and mess with them less — all you need is BBQ Buddy

  • Compact, Hand-Held, Truly Portable
  • Rugged enough to kindle close
  • Powerful enough to stoke from a safe distance
  • Requires only 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Instant safety shut off if dropped
  • Solid plastic foot to stabilize BBQ Buddy when put down
  • Sturdy plastic ring for threading belt clip or hanging loop
  • Fits easily in BBQ apron or tool belt pocket