All-Purpose Safety Gloves

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If you’re looking for a safety glove that is non-slip, oil and water resistant, all-purpose gloves then you are in the right place! The All-Purpose Safety Gloves protects your hands from any hazard while you are working or doing household works.

These gloves are crafted for protection and dexterity for your hands when working. It is soft and breathable that allows working with comfort and safety. It is super durable and no-slip. Great pair of gloves for different types of job: chemical industry, construction, petroleum industry, metal fabrication, machine operation, transportation fields, cleaning, fishery, agriculture, maintenance industrial and foundry industrial. 


  • Soft, comfortable, wear-resistant gloves
  • Designed for easy movement and continuous wear.
  • Non-slip and durable safety gloves
  • Also resistance to acid and oil
  • Comfortable design, flexible glove that is resistant to abrasion and very pleasant design


  • Material: pigskin
  • Color: Grayish
  • Size: M (17x19cm/6.9" x 7,5")